Grow and Repair Damaged Hair and Increase Breast Milk Production

Experience extraordinary and healthy growth with our all-natural products. Simple all-natural ingredients with potent and lasting results! Whether you are looking to grow or repair damaged hair, grow a fuller beard, or a nursing mom needing to increase breast milk production, we have what you need!”

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Hair Care

Let your inner you shine from head to toe. We are here to help get your hair growing and flowing; so, let our hair growth oil do the work!

Lactation Tea

for breast feeding mom's we offer our breast milk production tea to help you produce food for your precious little one(s).

Beard Care

Fellas, we didn't forget about you! Try our beard growth oil and experience the difference today!


FlowCopia beard oil has been amazing for my beard growth! Not only has it helped my beard to grow but the oil also moisturizes my skin leaving it feeling soft and healthy. Not to mention the oil smells GREAT!!!




The FlowCopia Hair Growth Oil does wonders for my hair. I've been using the oil for months and my hair has grown longer, thicker, and healthier! It's a great moisturizer for the scalp and helps to heal troubled areas. I highly recommend, you can't go wrong if used consistently!! The oil has been a game changer for my hair growth journey!


Wow! The FlowCopia Hair Growth Oil is just what I needed to stimulate my hair growth process. It's really easy to use and has given me tremendous results. I will continue using consistently so I can continue to experience great results. The oil is also a great price compared to other products on the market.


Before using FlowCopia's Lactation Tea, I struggled with producing enough breast milk for my baby. After just a few days of drinking the tea, the milk started flowing. As a mother I cannot tell you what it means for me to be able to adequately breastfeed my baby now without problems. I now am able to pump enough milk and store it for future use. Truly amazing product!


Committed to Quality

Many health and beauty products are filled with chemicals that don’t actually help you. Quality should never be a compromise. Especially when it comes to your breast feeding, skin care, and hair care needs. No matter what product you’re looking for, we guarantee reliability. From our breast feeding teas to our hair and beard growth oils, you can count on us! Copia means abundance or plenty in Latin. Our goal is to create products that’ll help you experience a flow of abundance in your health, beauty, and life.