Conch is a popular shellfish found in many dishes around the world. We sell “Queen Conch” which a type of mollusk found in the Caribbean and Central American waters. 

We offer both, although our main customers are food businesses, restaurants, distributors, and other wholesalers. We can supply everyone along the supply chain. We do sell to individual customers but there is a minimum purchase order requirement. 

We package our conch in 5 lb boxes. And it’s in plastic packaging within the box. 

Our conch is very fresh. Our divers go out and dive for the conch, harvest it, freeze it, and then we provide to our customers. Unlike others, our conch isn’t sitting in warehouses or storage facilities for months before being available to customers. 

Yes, we provide the conch frozen in order to retain freshness. From the moment the conch is harvested to it arrives in your hand, it is kept frozen. 

We recommend keeping the conch in your freezer, just like with any other seafood or meat. Keep it frozen for lasting freshness until ready to prepare as a dish. 

We offer both delivery and pickup. We will deliver for a small delivery fee to anywhere in South Florida with a minimum purchase requirement. Alternatively, we provide pickup of orders at a specified location and time. We will also deliver longer distances for larger orders. 

We do not offer refunds nor returns. Most of our customers are food businesses who understand our product. Our product is sought after and of high quality. Also our product is straightforward, its frozen seafood. Once the product leaves our possession and into your hands, we cannot accept a return. Since we are willing to offer our conch for sell to retail customers, in order to avoid fraud and chargebacks, there are no refunds nor returns.